Smart AdServer innovates with its new SDK release (iPhone & iPad) | Smart

Smart AdServer innovates with its new SDK release (iPhone & iPad)

Smart AdServer innovates with its new SDK release (iPhone & iPad)


August 4, 2011Smart AdServer, the leading online ad serving company, releases the new version of its development kit for iOS application developers.

This iOS SDK v3.0 offers many new ad format capabilities, improved third-party integration and several advanced video ad management features.

With this new version, Smart AdServer reinforces its positioning as a leading premium technology platform for mobile ads.


New creative capabilities
Smart AdServer’s iOS team has been thoroughly investing to enable clients to better monetize their ad placements. To achieve this, new templates have been added to the library. By integrating the SDK within an application, these rich-media ad formats can be delivered automatically from simple creative files (image, HTML 5 or video content).

A total of five new ad formats are introduced with this version. One of the most engaging and entertaining new ad formats is the Bounce format, which allows direct interaction with the device sensors by displaying an image or video with movement based on the device orientation. And, as always, all the ad options are easily customizable via the interface through a simple ad image (jpg, gif, png).

Previous rich-media ad formats (Interstitial, Flip, Toaster, Expandable, Splash, etc.) have also been improved. All this is available for iPhone as well as for iPad applications.


Strong focus on HTML 5, video and third-party rich media integration
This new version also benefits from major improvements in the management and delivery of heavy content, such as video or HTML 5. This SDK is fully compliant with high definition and animated objects (HTML 5 or animated gif). Additionally, a preload screen with status bar can be displayed while the ad is loading. This provides a smoother navigation, for instance when a full-page ad is displayed between two screens. This enables heavy ad display and can be used for video layers as well as for pre-roll ads.

The new SDK provides a feature for third-party integration. Access to the device sensors can also be easily shared with third-party rich media, and some features have been added in order to integrate third-party ads without having to integrate several SDK versions within the application.
Based on a continuous innovation process, Smart AdServer helps its clients to take advantage of the rising potential of mobile for premium branding ads.


New packaging and integration samples
In addition to the ad delivery itself, this new version benefits from many improvements to the code as well as from new tools and samples to simplify the integration of the SDK within applications. These improvements were based on actual application developers’ feedback gathered by the Smart AdServer team during the past months, and special care was given to provide very detailed documentation along with some extensive integration samples.


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