TechScape: Who Doesn't Want A Smart Ad Server? | Smart TechScape: Who Doesn’t Want A Smart Ad Server?

The United States is filled with companies right now all crucially striving to provide the panacea to the online advertising market represented by Google, the big ad agencies (WPP, Interpublic, Omnicom), media companies (Starcom MediaVest, DoubleClick, 24/7) and the advertisers themselves who are all trying to figure out this massive, exploding market. How they approach it; how they attack the Internet advertising market will dictate the rapidity and heights of this nascent sector’s success.

I’ve found that there are essentially two, defined types of start-ups in the crowded, jostling, play-for-keeps, online marketing/ad-tech world: start-ups which take a consultative or technological approach to helping their customers figure out Social Media such as advertising on Facebook, Twitter and the like or start-ups which take a deeper technology approach and invent software that makes it easier for their clients to advertise across the Web

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